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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 3, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PST

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today is the last day of the three day hearing into the deadly gas line explosion in san bruno. they'll talk about pipeline technology in a few hours. yesterday they question the fire chief asking why he was not aware of the pipeline there ran underneath the neighborhood kron4 is kate thompson has the details. >> reporter: he says he did
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not know about the gas pipeline and to live exploded in september. testifying before safety officials but he said pacific gas and electric company never provided a map of the location. it rolled the meeting once a year to review the companies' pipelines but it's usually attended by less than 20 people. >> will: misconduct and perjury accusations at the police department several officers are suspected of signing off on a false police report that contradict surveillance video from two drug busts. dan kerman tells us how this police department investigation could have legal implications. >> reporter: this surveillance video shows officers approaching the unit in the hand you're dealt in december after a tip about narcotics. >> police have burst into
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her home, it appears routine without warrants, the line after the fact to protect the fruits of the misconduct. >> reporter: after attending a master key this year shows them bursting into this apartment rather warrant and without knocking on the door both of which are required. officers lied about it on a police report saying they received written consent. which they say this video shows did not happen. >> if we cannot trust the word or police officer testifying in a case such as this, it calls into question what are they doing out there? >> reporter: in the second incident narcotics officers are seen covering up the camera again police claimed they received for the mission to enter a home. they say they forced their way and with no warrant.
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>> people live here, these are their homes, just like your cat ward anderson and tom if you live in the heights, you have to warrant on sixth street. >> reporter: they're reviewing dozens of places to see if there was police conduct--police misconduct. he's calling for an investigation by someone he says should be independent. san francisco hall of justice, dan kerman, kron4 news. >> will: will of the responses coming out. kron4 will continue to roll the story as the infant is the district attorney and a police permit investigate. crews are cleaning up landslide the covered highway-one, see tippytoes as much, dirt, rocks slid down onto both lanes. it
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happened just for 4:07 p.m. caltrans crews are digging through all of them as cutting trees, they managed to one lane open so far. the cleanup could be delayed by the rain that is coming our way. now, here is a look at the weather. >> james: they kelly not nearly as much rain today as just a curious--thankfully not as much grain today as yesterday. --rain. morning showers today, and nothing to major. very scattered drying up by this evening sunny, warm tomorrow tap. next rain comes saturday into sunday. that's what we're dealing with. while radar, sprinkled in this city another cell just
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offshore. still really like, not expected to hang around. livermore, we have a few sprinkles in fact, this was a bigger lot on the radio-- radar a few minutes ago. overall, not bad, say they looks good. that is a trend we're going to today. the cold front and three gust the morning we were just getting leftover scrap recovery and sprinkle throughout the day to day. the general trend will be drying, we may get a sprinkler to. let's play through we're expecting in terms of rainfall, is a clock not a lot, lunchtime, noon not a lot. 5:00
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strike, even by midnight tomorrow morning. current temperatures = 53 oakland, san francisco. it's real close lot as we head toward sunrise than warmer back up this afternoon to upper 50s, low 60s. we will probably see the warmest temperatures in the south bay. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. it looks like this, drying out most of saturday pretty good. sunday is another wet one a chance of a sprinkler to lingering monday and tuesday. now, here is a look at the traffic. >> erica: no real problems around the bay area traffic is nice, light the are reduced spe. we are seeing speet the limit. handful of cars headed westbound interstate
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from tusker of picking up the san mateo bridge no hot spot, accident, incidents. great conditions along the span. seems story at the golden gate south bound, 101 not a hot spot. great conditions for your trip of marin county. traffic map, not calling it a hot spot but a problem spot, southbound 800 grade 29 to be up reports of debris causing several cars to pull over. reports of flat tires. california highway patrol is on the scene, caltrans is making their way out there. it's not causing any slowing just yet but this is your commute to be aware of that. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
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test. >> will: welcome back to the kron 4 news. good news this morning it is not raining, we're starting of warmer
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than we have over the past couple of days the current temperatures in the '50s, 53 san francisco, it will only rise another 4 degrees for the high of 57. not a lot of heavy rainfall today if at all. we'll talk more about that coming up. world news, libyan warplanes have struck eight oil port in eastern libya it was the site of a fierce battle yesterday. loyalists tried to retake control of the oil installation armed rebels pushed back the attack after hours of fighting. defense ministry spokesman says three dutch marines are being held by authorities after they were captured by force is lowered loyal to khaddafi. investigations are underway to release dead marines. new
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zealand declared the effort to find anyone else alive to be over today. say no one who was trapped could have survived this long. families of more than 200 people listed as missing are devastated. they had been holding out hope that a remarkable survival story could come out. many of those listed as missing are among 165 bodies recovered but they have not been identified. a lawyer says the trial court has determined that american see a contractor does not have diplomatic immunity and the shooting deaths of two palestinians. the decision is a blow to d.c. which consiresist the man is considered a diplomat. the immunity issue is being considered by the high court which can reverse the trial
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decision today. the lawyer representing victims says davis was not charged during today's hearing the next trial date is set for march 8th. worries about unrest in libya continue. they make a choppy trading on wall street. the dow rose nine per its s&p 500 orders to the nasdaq gained nearly 11. the treasury department says a sale of the met life brought in 63 $3 million which will go toward repaying the bailout. global food prices rose in security each consecutive month warning that oil price sparks could pervert further increases. coming up on the kron 4 morning news to talk
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about whether, how much rain we could see, as well as into the weekend. we will study how cold it could be today. let's head of side, and they shot from albany traffic is moving along just fine. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
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>> will: i don't ski but i appreciate it did snowfall, here is highly 89, beautiful snow is not coming down that if there's any rain here you know you will see snow up there so will we see rain down here and if we do come much? >> james: not much it's an easy read getting around the bay today let's break down what the weather will be like today quick weather, clouds, close of fog, a chance of a shower running through the bay. this
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afternoon more sun, less rain will taper off on the activity by this evening mild, dry overnight into tomorrow that will be the trend that we continue on into friday as well. a quick look at the radar, see where the rain is falling. in san francisco we have a sell-off that coast, maybe a little rain here and there. --cell. it is really light, we had been tracking sl of in livermore it is breaking apart. in the south bay we have rain, just east of milpitas. again, really late not impacting any of the roads. fairly easy forecast you can see just off the coast there is cloud cover, from yesterday's storm system there might be a couple of showers here and
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there we can't rule out the possibility. the general trend is drying out. temperatures throughout the day to day, they will be moving through fairly quickly from the '50s and backing off to the '40's as we had to summarize warming up into the 50s by this afternoon. here's a quick look get where we see temperatures this afternoon, 57 seconds last year, 61 santa rosa, 60 oakland, fremont 64, 64 los gatos. nice warm afternoon, more sunshine than yesterday. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. tomorrow will be great a lot of sunshine on friday partly cloudy.4:17 a.m. now, here is a look at the traffic. >> erica: we do a couple of
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accidents i will get to those in the second first of bridge deck, looking here at the approach to the bay bridge no problems getting here along the shore for you like westbound 5/80 or the northbound direction of the nimitz. leading lights are off drive time of just nine minutes from the macarthur maze towards fremont. bridge check, a live look at the san mateo bridge, no problems. those taillights heading towards foster city, your ride atabrine townie looks good. traffic moving at the limit, problem spot, not tracking as a hot spot for your ride of oakland the southbound-80 rate at 20 night. debris has been reported. tossing flat tires, california highway patrol, caltrans is on the scene. if you're heading up
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to the sierra we do have looked at chain requirements. you'll need them for interstate-80, highway 50, highway 88. >> will: ? new details this morning police say they've arrested a woman in connection with the murder of a jewelry store owner. here's a map we build for you, the donor was found dead tuesday evening at his business. reggie kumar texas to the suspect is and why police arrested her. >> reporter: it is close, you can see the lights off. this is a picture of him from his website saying he's opened his business last december he was found murdered inside the store tuesday. police arrested 58 year-old tanya rain, investigators found evidence
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that links her to the crime. 31 year-old edward hawn was arrested for suspicion of the business. magus and did not like it when customers refused to by this jury. >> this is an odd creative jewelry making that about as much as i knew. he has a strange attraction of hippie or stuff. high end gaelic jewelry handmaid, silver rings, there were doubly a lot of people that were in and out of the store. some mayor may not been transit. >> reporter: police are not saying it the suspects and the victim knew each other this the 17th homicide of the year. >> will: a woman was seriously injured in a shooting in stamford this is
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bay view when shedder grasscutter face. she was taken to san francisco general with serious injuries. police initially said the nature of the woman's injuries was unclear maybe she was shot in the face the later determined that it was class that shattered during the shooting that cutters face. police are continuing the search for the suspect who shot a man in the city's mission district the shooting happened shortly after noon yesterday near harrison and 24th street you can see investigators out there, police say the victim was standing near a friend's car when someone approaches on foot opening fire. the man fortunately is expected to survive, the shooter is described as hispanic, in his 20s. news around the bay california highway patrol arrested a man who led officers on a foot chase by the bay bridge toll plaza officers conducted a traffic
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stop on a car traveling west. a bus only elaine, when the car was pulled the side of the road one of the passengers took off towards administration building. police say that passenger dropped a semi-automatic prestpresto. they found him near a construction area the driver and passenger were cited and released. the civil rights lawsuit was filed against the fbi on behalf of the council on americans filed the suit saying the aim is to see played a gps device on our college students car without a warrant. the 20 year-old egyptian american student and his attorneys are seeking an order to destroy or return any records obtained what they call illegally. coming up, fourth
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and long, time is running out for the nfl can the owners and players to save the season that story coming up. san mateo, nice, light plenty of space. no wind, or camera is nice, steady. you won't have any problems in the bay this morning.
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>> will: 7 they like it then
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you can see cent in 6 1/7 days whether it's really senate or partly cloudy we will take it. showers have passed as although we might see some rain of looks like it'll be a lot warmer. >> (music) >> will: as generous on the schedule shut out what to city of landing light by the beatles. the astronauts will work on a air purifier aboard the space station today discovery will remain there until sunday that they laundered than they had planned. one of the most important thasos in history is going down to the wire this is not the super bowl the league's owners and players only have a few
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hours to settle on a labor deal that expires before midday. or possibly move towards a year without football. both sides are still on opposite ends of the playing field. >> reporter: these nfl prospects are working out for season that may not happen. the nfl's collectively bargaining agreement comes to an end without any deal in place owners may lock out the players. >> the committee has not made any decision on what will happen upon expiration of the agreement. >> reporter: they met with the mediator on wednesday the honors are under an agreement to not discuss negotiations. but players
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are much more vocal. >> we want to play football. there's a lot of things we've done to try and make that happen. will lead to extend the deal. >> reporter: that gives them 60 percent of league revenues owners are demanding another billion dollars off the top. the league also wants to expand their regular-season from 16 to 18 games. both sides agree on one thing they do not want the 2011 season canceled. >> this is crunch time we as players were to get the deal done. >> to the fans, we will get through this our commitment is an agreement a fair agreement that's good for both sides as soon as possible. without any disruption to the season. >> will: no surprise here
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both sides are expected to continue talking today there was a reporter out by force that is the owners' lockout of players that have enough money to block the buyout for up to two years. coming up latest on some arrests from protests a uc-berkeley we will tell you what's happening. a live look at the bay bridge, what a beautiful shot no problems to if you cross the bay bridge because all lanes are open.
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>> will: welcome back to the kron 4 news. a live shot from san jose if you have to go from san as a to santa clara no problems. and traffic is light, we're not even talking about rain right now there is none. will we see rain? >> james: it will be sprinkling here and they're not allowed is expected just a little on the radar i will
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assure you that. this is the james lick, let's break down or we will see. first, morning showers, light showers pretty sporadic. the general trend is trying by this evening. sunday, warm tomorrow that shot of rain comes in saturday night for the north bay. sunday through the whole day. radar, storm tracker 4 shares as a few pops lets him let's zoom in. we have little moving towards treasure island. maybe eight quick sprinkled going on in danville. also down by redwood city we're seeing a sell on highway 84. if you're driving you may run into a rhythm sprinkles nothing major. not a whole
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lot in the pacific. the trend is there we're dry up by this evening. we are getting some snow in this year, the storm system was good for that, as we zoom in and you will see lake tahoe. it looks like just below blue canyon right pass cold front is where the rain turned to snow. bring your change you will need it. here's where we are for temperatures, mix of policies and 40's by this afternoon at 3:00 that becomes 50s and 60s. even then napa valley is warming up. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. conditions will try is to go to the day to day. tomorrow
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looks great. saturday fantastic. bracing ourselves for another round of rain sunday. next week looks good. now, here is a look at the traffic. >> erica: good morning james, no hot spots throughout the bay area we do have one problem spot which i will get to and just a second first of look at the approach of the bay bridge great conditions a perch in san francisco traffic moving at the limit. pretty much the same story at the san mateo bridge westbound, east bound 92 in very good shape no problems getting to the bridge. drive time of just 13 minutes. coming at of marin county southbound 101 very light traffic out their top speeds under 22 minutes. another camera westbound- seat 0, looks great. no
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problems. accident and incident free. traffic maps, still falling this promise of a oakland said about 800. still tracking reports of debris and some of elaine causing several flat tires. --the lanes. if you're taking public transportation great start no problems reported. will? authorities arrested 17 protesters who refuse to leave uc-berkeley. there were rally against budget cuts to public education. i read 9:30 p.m. the officers told them to leave or be arrested. the officers went inside, they found the 17 protesters sitting in a circle with their arms linked 14 were
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cited and released. well three of them they're still in jail this morning they will be in court. developing story today is the last day of a three day hearing. into the deadly gas find explosion in san bruno. today's discussion will take on a pipeline technology. yesterday the question simpers fired stev chief. kron4s kate thompson has the details. >> the giant fireball that exploded called the san bruno. >> i've never seen anything like that. >> reporter: pacific gas and electric company never told the department about the gas line never given a map showing the location. pacific gas and electric company hold a meeting once a year to talk about
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pipeline safety and there's a website that provides first responders with the maps of gas lines. >> up to two-way street there is responsible of the fire service to see get that information >> reporter: . residents of the subdivision were in the dark as well. >> my conversations with the residence they had no idea that they're on a pipeline. >> reporter: pacific gas and electric company says it does to educate its customers sitting information in the mail. >> they were unimpressed saying that they compared the to drink milk. >> will: investigations are underway to misconduct and perjury applicationaccusations l officers are suspected of setting off on false police
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reports that contradicts surveillance video. the attorney is dropping charges against the suspects seized in the surveillance videos and will review of dozens of other cases to determine if there were compromised. jonathan bloom spoke with him and the police chief for their response. >> in two separate press conferences san francisco's district attorney and police chief each gave their remarks on the surveillance video that could be incriminating each said they're not ready to draw conclusions. >> prosecutors need to play by the rules. when the region not goal system crumbles >> reporter: . the top prosecutor says this video is not enough to decide whether officers broke rules. >> we're taking this very seriously we will conduct a thorough into this station. >> reporter: police chief
4:37 am
rejected the notion that someone should investigate. >> there's no reason that i should excuse myself. >> these officers deserve investigation like anything else they're innocent until proven guilty. >> reporter: six officers are on paid administrative leave. two officers were involved in both incidents and knowledge the video tells a different story. >> when you read report and look at the video their issues. we will have to look into a >> reporter: . as for the officer who covers the camera the chief says don't just assume that the officer's hand. speak-e if this is we will ask him? i don't want to speculate. >> will: kron4 will continue
4:38 am
to follow this story as the district attorney and police department to continue their investigations into the allegations. in news around the bay the environmental health bureau is warning restaurant owners about health inspection saddam's. multiple restaurants have received phone calls for tending to be fake inspectors. there as the to follow instructions and get a special code. later they received an automated call prompter in them to enter the code. it's all part of a scheme focused on establishing their fight accounts. ---verify accounts. officials announced a new initiative to reduce the city's skyrocketing health-care costs. the san francisco
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health services system is working with blue shield of california and several local hospitals to improve the efficiency the program will launch july 1st continuing for one year eight major san francisco hospitals are included. coming up, going to the grocer's store may not be the how the activity you thought it was we'll tell you why you might or torture hands after touching a shopping cart. is rain headed to the bay area again? here's a live look at the golden gate bridge the answer we come back.
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>> will: and live look at the bay bridge, traffic has not picked up. nice, light as you go from east to west. it is nice and warm, current temperatures 53 degrees in oakland. there is a problem
4:41 am
in the oakland of the the sierra causing some flat tires on their roadway. stay tuned. more than 100 firefighters are working to put out the fire, it has been going on for three days as you can see that the smoke is filling the sky near the county line. it started monday as are deterred more than 16,000 a. of land. it has gotten so bad officials have shut down at 21 mi. stretch of an interstate. from fire to ice, officials are best getting what caused the roof of this arena to collapse three people were inside at the time everyone made them safely no injuries investigators believe the weight of snow, ice could be the reason for the collapse.
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hundreds of people are interested in adopting a dog that survived an attempt to euthanize. he injected the straight up and for the dogs with to lethal doses of a set of the next day he from the dog alive in the trash bin used for dead animals. they're now taking adoption regress. new research shows and disease does sooner than those that are have it not just right track or stroke, in the new england journal of medicine diabetics face an elevated death from a host of other causes. a 15 year-old with that these guys six years sooner than someone without. and news steady from arizona found candles on shopping carts this disgusting in fecal matter and e. coli. your
4:43 am
cellphone may be dirtier than a public toilet. apparently the heat on the cellphone act as an incubator for the jurors. juror. according to consumer reports some of the things that are dirtier than money include your doctor's necktie, library barracks and grandchildren. disgusting. (laughter) >> will: coming up much more weather, traffic, news as i growwill go goal. when the sun comes up we will
4:44 am
>> will: we're learning more about to gambling businesses raided yesterday federal agents raided artichoke's joe's and the oaks card club a source says the two businesses were
4:45 am
targeted for allegedly being involved in loan sharking, extortion, drug deals. >> reporter: federal agents conducted major raid here inside the folks car club in emeryville. it was a joint operation led by the fbi. there are least 300 customers and employees inside when it took place wednesday morning. the doors were locked, no one was allowed to leave. >> how long their i worked here? during no illegals activity? or things of that nature. they ask about drugs, stuff like that. >> will: kron4 is maureen kelly was there when artichoke joe's casino was
4:46 am
raided. customers were shocked to see the character wicard club being swarms. >> reporter: the fbi would that say what was inside the box is being carted out they confirmed that the raid is related to the one being taken across the bay. the fbi were streaming in and that the building as the executed a search warrant. deputies stood guard turning away those to try their luck at the tables that were never shut down. when players is the only thing unusual you seen here is the amount of money gamblers through. >> people go crazy 2000, 10,000. >> reporter: no one saw anything that would warrant the scrutiny of law enforcement. >> its u.s. vehicle gambling spot. usually no problems.
4:47 am
this places on the up and up as far as i knew. >> will: james we just sat maureen kelly you saw the water on her lens as the rain was coming down will we have problems with order today? >> james: note. today will be better a look from our roof camera lets give you a quick look at the weather there were expecting for the day as we work through the morning clouds, fog, light showers. is anything falls it will be light, a brief period these are quick moving burst of drizzle here and there. this afternoon more sun, less rain. mild and dry tonight that will be what we see for tomorrow as well. quick look at what we see on the radar a couple pop here just up the coast of san francisco. light
4:48 am
moving its way in off of daly city. really light drizzle not a lot going on also seeing a cell working its way across to a zero again light. not much to worry about. if anything it will make i really damp commute. a couple clubs are of their light showers more often than not dry weather today. 51 degrees and redwood city, 52 san francisco. 53 san jose. starting off form, pulling back just a bit. warm rate back up this afternoon. 3:57 degrees in science and cisco, 60 concord,--57 san francisco. 59 morgan hill,
4:49 am
61 san jose, 60 oakland. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. a break on friday, the next shot of rain sunday. temperatures staying relatively mild for the future. now, here is a look at the traffic. >> erica: not tracking in the hot spots around the bay area good news for you if your head says bouned southbounf you're heading over to the bay bridge, a great conditions no promise getting to the bridge of the were seeing a bigger volume than 10 minutes ago a perching san francisco drive times unaffected nine minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze and to san francisco. next at the san mateo bridge so far, so good. no problems getting to the bridge. your ride of marin county is very quiet,
4:50 am
light. getting a look at your sierra chain requirements, you will need to achieve along interstate-80 so keep that in mind. you also need chains on highway 50 in the highly-88. >> will: apple continues to amaze its fans, it is the full scroll day of the new ipad that unveiled to allow after its leader took center stage. steve jobs broke his medical leave to show off the new ipad. his current medical condition was not mentioned. he did show off a new version of the popular target. now, here is gabe slate, with some tech news. >> gabe: it is a completely
4:51 am
new design, it is 33% this year. >> is actually been there then your iphone 4. >> gabe: it is later, it doesn't seem like much but i held both the first in the new it deftly feels later. >> its dramatically faster. >> dual processor, they claim it two times as fast as the first ipad and that the graphics are nine times faster so better gaming. rear facing camera recording ht video and a friend camera this will be great for face time that will let people video chat. there will be a black one in the way one. the crowd laughed about that because the mystery still lingers over the white iphone 4. speak-e comes in two colors black, white. white from do (laughter) 1.
4:52 am
>> gabe: schiedam 80 might output to to connect your ipad to tv. >> we have models that work with both at&t and verizon . >> gabe: the prices the same as the first 500-$830. >> march 11th, one week from friday. >> gabe: it is the first day you can order it on apple's website. not sure what will be in stores. i got my hands on it was later, the other, faster it's like the first on the batter. gabe slate, kron4 news. >> will: coming up we will tell you about charlie sheen is turned into messy tv. a live look good side for a richmond you can see no problems in that area light, easy for the most part through the bay area there
4:53 am
is a prom off of 80 in oakland erika will update us in
4:54 am
4:55 am
>> will: here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. like that, san six and out of seven days. only sen day looks like we'll see rain, we will see a lot today it is a lot warmer than it has been. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge traffic is nice, light in looks like they're getting ready to provide more lanes for traffic coming from the north down to san francisco no rain on the road way over the golden gate bridge. coming down from napa, 51 degrees it will be nice at 57 degrees and dry, mild.
4:56 am
>> (music) >> will: today is the 80th anniversary dinner being designated as the national anthem. this is video from the inauguration of president obama. (music) here is ricky do this, you can see him, he said he will host a golden globe award if charlie sheen is by his
4:57 am
side. the british comedian said he would host to the clubs for the third year in a row the emmys, and the oscars if he could do with charlie sheen. coming up much more weather, traffic in news we'll tell you what happens at uc-berkeley with the rest play last night and how many people are still in jail this morning before we get to that story here's a live like eddy date 0 those headlights the ec those are going northbound eyes, light. we'll be right back.
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>> darya: could morning, 5:00 a.m. top stories at this hour officers make more than one dozen arrest
5:00 am
refused to leave the uc- berkeley campus building. >> mark: today as the third and final day of hearings and san bruno gas line explosion in washington. >> darya: surveillance video from a drug bust and reaction from 98. sprinkles in the mix this morning we should be trying out this afternoon. >> george: quiet start to the morning commute bridge check coming up. >> mark: new details alameda county sheriff's office arrested 17 protesters last night after they refused to orders to leave. are around 930 last night, officers from the sheriff's office and campus they said they
5:01 am
would close the building and 30 minutes telling them to leave worker to jail. when the hall closed the fund 17 protestors sitting in a circle, here is a student describing the situation. >> 9:30 p.m. a large number police came in. they started position themselves around the lobby. out to buy it probably around 10:00 they started insuring disperse orders a number people sat in the middle of the lobby as others with the edges and left the building but stayed out side to support those people. >> mark: police say 14 protestors were cited. there are three the remain in jail. >> darya: we're just one hour away from the last day of the three day round of hearings by the national
5:02 am
transportation safety board. they will talk about pipeline technology yesterday they question san bruno as fire chief who was unaware and the pipeline running underneath the neighborhood the chief said pacific gas and electric company never told the department about it. there's a federal website available with maps of gas lines. >> mark: misconduct and perjury accusations at the police department several offices are expected signing off on police reports. the first shows police bursting into our room at the henry her tell removing in handcuffing a man. according to reports filed the officers say they partially open to the door after knocking obtained verbal
5:03 am
permission and on the rest of the man after finding heroin and crack. in the second case officers responded to her tell the police report says the officers met a woman in the hallway who opened the door. you can see in the video there is a police officer covering the surveillance camera with his hand or about 15 seconds. the police report says officers talked to a man in sight to told them he was on probation when the officers confirmed with dispatch before entering and searching. according to the public defender's office there was never any conversation with the occupants. >> police have burst into a home it appears are retained first with debt warrants. then, lying, to protect the futures of their misconduct. >> if you cannot trust the word of ripley's officer
5:04 am
testifying in a case such as this it calls into question what are they doing? >> mark: with this video the second video their we showed you the case was dismissed. in the next 30 minutes the city's the a and chief of police response to the allegations. >> darya: a look at the weather, that storm petered out but it did hang around all day in marin. i think it's still there. >> james: it will be a lot lighter than it was yesterday, let's talk about what we expected the day today. will be light, braves, there. the next bout of rain coming in saturday night for the north bay
5:05 am
spending bay area wifi the day on sunday. quick look at storm tracker 4, you can see were the showers are falling there is a little cell off the coast. again, very light showers. about 100 of an inch per hour. in millbrae a brief drizzle activity going on and on. satellite pictures showing that front has dissipated dealing with some residual cloud cover. embedded in that a spring colors to. the trend is drying out. we did get snow, 9 in. in the sierra. interstate 80 that is free see the rain turned to stone. here along highway 50 about halfway
5:06 am
between public and tigers. 53 san francisco, 52 oakland, 50 san jose. east bay livermore 52. this afternoon warming up even further upper 50s-low 60s. as you can see south bay and the delta of the war spots. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. they stay tomorrow lot of sunshine. sunday the round of rain that we have been talking about, showers stretching into monday. now, here is a look at the traffic. >> george: it is a quiet start to the morning commute no problems or hot spot. bay bridge westbound looks good light traffic, no delays, no wind advisory is. san mateo bridge ride is a good one. no delays on the approach to the bridge. your ride on 10
5:07 am
1/7 pounds looks good. no problems across the golden gate and huge delay yesterday put off to a much better start this morning. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. california should be proud. we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives.
5:08 am
we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do.
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5:10 am
>> darya: live 10:00 a.m. calliope at san has say it looks like chocolate is moving really well. it is kind of a warm spot 53 degrees high of 61 this afternoon. we're looking for pretty kid day there we have another system moving in. >> mark: opening bell and while st. coming out in an hour, february retailers are
5:11 am
reporting increased sales better than expected. the dow was up 8 yesterday s&p up to. labor department is releasing their jobless came in 30 minutes. the ohio senate has passed a measure that will restrict parked of bargain rates of 50,000 teachers, firefighters, police officers. sutter's pass it on a 17 to 16 vote yesterday with all yes votes coming from republicans this establishes fines and jail time for those in strikes. union's workers can negotiate certain work conditions but not healthcare 6 time benefits or pension. >> darya: a dispute or reposed taxation over internet purchases. there's
5:12 am
four proposals aimed at forcing the amazon to collect taxes. that app proposals may be unconstitutional. californians to could still shot at in is state businesses would miss out. we will be back with more than a minute. a live look outside at the golden gate bridge, all is nice, quiet. let's hope after the horrible commute in marin its days nice and calm. (announcer) roundup extended control is
5:13 am
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5:15 am
>> mark: welcome back to the kron 4 news. rainshowers that they're watching conditions around the bay. now, here is a look at the weather. >> james: a quick look at storm tracker 4 care, we we are seeing the rain we had been following a small cell of the cows s san francisco is our dissipated here one second dawn the next if you
5:16 am
get drizzle are sprinkled it will be there for a matter of sections. a little more substantial rain by half moon bay. this is still light running talking 1-200 of an inch really a light drizzle. wider perspective satellite view is showing as clouds tracking your way in those clouds a sprinkler to on the hall more dry then wet. 53 degrees in san francisco 50 in san jose is a warm spot expected a few more for is on the map warming a backup to the upper 50s low 60s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. i tried day on tap for tomorrow great way to end the week. saturday look
5:17 am
scared. possibility of north base hours. lingering on monday next week looks good. tuesday, wednesday and shot of the sunny and warm temperatures. george? >> george: no problems, delays, hotspots bridges look good. san mateo bridge ride looks good, quickly, right set of your screen light traffic in the commute direction. the interstate 80 ensure ride a bus batts past richmond parkway could commute no delays. good trip 12 minute drive time the sierra chain requirements in place for 80, between cayenne don del.
5:18 am
>> darya: 5:17 a.m. and the rest has been made in the murder of an owner of a jewelry store in san francisco is north beach. the body was found by officers responding to requests for well check on tuesday night. tonya rains a 50 year-old transient woman was a specialist on suspicion of bridge early on police found evidence linking her to the murder at the scene. a 31 year-old man was also arrested on suspicion of burglary. the murder is the 17th homicide of the year. prosecutors say the head of the antique joke transfers is charged with selling stolen drugs and oversaw the kidnapping of a man who is mother wanted him scared straight. his address
5:19 am
as a part investigators posed as a police officer to falsely arrested the victims. he pleaded not guilty to charges of selling drugs stolen. >> mark: a judge has not decided on preventing a gang from associating with each other in a 450 resistance. also it 10:00 curfew. attorneys say the injection is meant to prove to deck them. critics say it's a violation bennett could late to racial profiling. >> darya: ma'am california highwaarrested atcalifornia higy patrol arrested a man here
5:20 am
to get off on foot with a bridge toll plaza it was in the bus only lanes while the car was pulled aside one of the passengers took off towards the administration building. the passengers dropped a semiautomatic pistol, they spend in hiding in a construction area. they took him into custody. ready for the parents of a mentally ill man shot to death by san jose police still two years ago cut " a wrongful death lawsuit. ya "this man was shot in the back of his home, the officers fired a total of 14 rounds. after they say he moved toward him of holding a knife. 12 of the bullet hit the man who was pronounced dead.
5:21 am
>> mark: police are still searching for a 16 year-old boy missing tuesday along and they can bully to he can't. the school district was a lot down after reports that the missing students may have been armed. he may be upset about some undisclosed problem. >> darya: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. let's take a live look at that in san francisco, james light, very quiet. richard dry. 52 in san modesto high of 57. we'll be right back. it's really delicious, mom.
5:22 am
it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once
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>> darya: here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. we have a few showers lingering, p some sunshine. pretty nice day tomorrow looks traffic parleys that
5:25 am
choir disguise. over the weekend saturday looks fine the rain roles in in the evening sun. is a washout. the next work week by the middle of the week looks fabulous. 67 degrees. discovery astronauts get a break this afternoon following the successful space walk. before relaxing they will work on an airport near fire aboard the space station it will remain there until sunday which is a daylong current than planned. ray now come here the astronauts live speaking let's listen. >> lee half several amateur comedians on the crew it's hard to say. i think of to
5:26 am
them are trying to hide from that camera. >> i want to pass a back over for a couple quick questions your san roman to get to talk to him? >> i talked to him once a day. since i've been here. i tried to time that with after-school kind of dinnertime it works it out. he's excited to get the calls. i'm excited to talk to him i tried to my best to keep him engaged. i think that makes the best for everyone. >> you talk about growing up in the tampa bay area and what support the commuter made. >> darya: is it cold to look at the mall. the way they're
5:27 am
floating. >> mark: asking your son if he did his homework from space. this is the second loss show mission. but karen gary's world news, the man suspected of attacking a busload of airmen that killed to will be in court today. he confessed to targeting saying he acted alone. they say was motivated by extremism. . witness the zero core planes have struck zero oil court in libya. the area is the site of the fierce battle. they try to reach into control of the oil installation an armed rebel push back the attack after hours of fighting. three dutch marines are being
5:28 am
held after being captured by forces loyal to gaddafi. >> darya: 80 this military rulers say the prime minister appointed by mubarak has resigned. former air force officer was named prime minister by mubarak surely after the outbreak of a protest. mubarak said dunn said your elegant but. >> mark: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. kron4 morning news continues the latest on bay area weather rain after the break and live like here at traffic on the its zero moving fairly smoothly latest on the traffic problems in two minutes.
5:29 am
5:30 am
5:31 am
>> james: good morning, let's get rid into it, our roof camera, let's break, we expect. in the morning clouds, fog in the north bay. were seeing along the coast as well. visibility down 2.0 more cent, less rain. scattered showers in the mix. the sun will make an appearance breaking into the cup this evening mild, dry that the forecast for tomorrow. tamara really great day. storm tracker 4 or, we've done a couple hits down to the peninsula there is some really light stuff falling rain now. some of the san mateo. we have some
5:32 am
light sprinkles there for theirself in theilate rain, nott happening today. if you get a sprinkle it will last a long. satellites just got the short me a chance of scattered showers. it begins to diminish the further into the overnight hours we had. 4 a clock we've been in the in the 40's, '50's. couple 40 said their cooling as we head toward the sun rise. marlowe's '60s that we had yesterday. fremont 64 on the whole prole 2-3 degrees warmer this afternoon and you had yesterday, not bad. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. and i on the weekend we know we have a great day on tap for friday. we have a half and half weekend. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. another shot of bay area
5:33 am
wide range. temperatures take a dive on monday. at a 50s for afternoon highs rebounding nicely tuesday, wednesday. now, here is a look at the traffic. >> george: still quite a ride not tracking any problems there no hot spots. bay bridge, westbound direction, no back up, no delay. the same is true for the san mateo bridge still light traffic on the right set of your screen. golden gate problem free no delays through marin county a look at the nimitz, your read on highway 880 through oakland to the traffic is way, let's try here. now looking at the right here this is the taillights heading towards downtown oakland the traffic is still moving well. the
5:34 am
headlights here, ok let me try this again from the top the hut what are some of the current. that is the traffic heading downwards downtown. >> darya: thank you, in less than parity minutes we will halt the date 3 at the hearing in washington d.c.. they will tap about pipeline technology to day yesterday the committee questioned the san bruno fire chief saying he was unaware of the pipeline the ran underneath the the road. if pacific gas and electric company never told the department but pacific gas and electric company argued it told the meeting was once a year to talk about pipelines in there is a federal website that is available with a mass of gas lines. we will bring that hearing to you as
5:35 am
soon as it begins. authorities arrested 17 protesters who refused orders to leave this building this is a video of the rally there were part of a state ride day of action against budget caps. officers told that protesters to leave or be arrested. when the hall closed they went inside for a and 17 protesters the in the upper arms linked. 14th circuit, the recall will be in court was morning. >> mark: misconduct in treasury, several narcotics officers are suspected m signing off on a false police reports. this first video shows police bursting into a hotel room and immediately removing and hand having a man according to the report submitted the officers say they partially
5:36 am
opened the door of the to verbal permission then only arrested the man after finding heroin and crack. in the '70s, when four officers, as a motel, they did the officers were met in a hallway by a woman who opened the door to her room. this surveillance video shows an officer covering the camera for 15 seconds while other officers ordered the woman to open the door. officers then talk to a man inside think he's on probation the officers confirm that with dispatch. this is district attorney is not ready to draw a conclusion. >> if in fact there was wrongdoing, not playing by the rules, violating the laws. again i'm saying is, police officers come prosecutors need to play by the rules. will we do not the system crumbles. i am most concerned with all
5:37 am
people play by the rules. >> there's a point in the tape where the camera is hidden and then there's a section where you see an officer walking away we don't know that officer who put his hand on the camera. we will determine why that occurred. obviously you ever put that hand of the karen you the camera was still working. i cannot give you a guess until we go into and find out why they did do that. george gascon was police chief when this did happen kron4 will follow the story. >> darya: we will be back in a couple of minutes with more for you, a development the you need to know about, the weather before you step out the door. here's a live look of storm tracker 4 most of that rain moved out yesterday. and how around the north bay, a little bit by concord. --it hung around
5:38 am
the north bay. we will have a good break today and tomorrow we will be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] unrestrained. unexpected. and unlike any hybrid you have ever known. ♪ introducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. ♪ the radically new... 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus. ♪
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>> james: >> mark: welcome back to the kron 4 news. this is in that big drop in unemployment benefits case can and will allow men can requesting unemployment plunged to a three-year low trading hope that companies will begin hiring more this year. the government saying that applications only three under 68 americans filed for unemployment. it indicates that we could see a drop in the unemployment rate. it could be a good day. >> darya: taking a look at the fires that they're working on in florida more than 100 firefighters still up there working to put out the massive fire. this fire
5:42 am
started on monday, it is are these started more than 16 hours. no word on what started the fire. in officials are investigating what caused their roof of an ice arena to give way. people will admit it better care thousand entries. they believe the weight and snow of ice is the reason for the class. >> mark: hundreds of people are interested in adopting this dark period and animal control officer says he injected the puck into four other dogs with lethal injections the next day the dog was found alive in the bin. the shelter is taking adoption request. we'll be right back. i live look here
5:43 am
for a moment creep, 680 north and south a few scattered shoutwers. high near 60 in walnut creek with scattered showers. [ male announcer ] hey michelle, whatcha doin'? i'm serving delicious athenos hummus to my friends. i've got -- [ male announcer ] that's great. let's see what yiayia thinks! you dress like a prostitute. did she just call me a pros-- [ male announcer ] noooo, yiayia would never do -- prostitute. [ male announcer ] never mind that, michelle.
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5:46 am
>> darya: a letter of intent tahoe, highly 28 he conceived and the roads you do need chains. 0 and have this note will be, when we get a little rain they get snow. >> james: they get five or six yesterday. a foot over the last 24 hours. this is lake tahoe, if you're heading up we had a chain requirements on the major roads. the rain turned to snow, you have snow in the mix on highway 50. keep that in mind. more rain on
5:47 am
sunday. meanwhile, back here in the day we have a smattering of showers. may be little that cut their in san jose. fairly light not a lot of falling. san mateo bridge all little bit of rain pushing off and to the bay, no one is feeling that in a moment. pass highway one you have light rain. light, a brief, a burly will see a very long. clouds are still trimming their way that will keep the possibility of a sprinkler to in the mix. we are going to taper off on the rain activity looking to dry out by the evening. still on the low 50s at the '40's. so far so good. there has this
5:48 am
afternoon are really nice. two-three degrees warmer than yesterday. 60 in oakland. the 64 close quarters, fremont. warm and unclear.--los gatos. full of sunshine, looks good, rain on the mix on sunday that will proceed us some much the this note. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. now, here is a look at the traffic. >> george: thank you, still looking at a pretty good writer around the bay area and no promise, it delays certainly no hotspots the bay bridge looks good. westbound red has no backup or delay your commute to this san mateo bridge this good. a little more volume but no problem or delay. the ride to the golden gate bridge looks good. no
5:49 am
problems to marin county a camera in san jose for the ride up pass from bill taylor cruz pretty smooth commute. heading to the sierra chain requirements are in effect. on 50 in to him station. mark? >> mark: 01 and was seriously injured when shattered glass cut her face. she was taking to s.f. general. police sought answers the woman was shot in the face turned red it was shattered glass. police are continuing to search for a suspect who sought a man in his june district. --shot a man in michigan district. the victim was in her friend's car, approached and
5:50 am
opened fire. the man is expected to be ok, the shooter is hispanic mid-20s. >> darya: restaurant warners are being warned about an expansion scan. multiple restaurants have reported phone calls from people claiming to be a health care inspector wanted to introduce a new procedure. the fate inspector ask them to follow instructions and get a special code to confirm and inspection date. later they get an automated call prompted them to enter the code. it's part of a scheme focused on establishing verified accounts. the city of san francisco is launching a collaboration in to public health care costs. this san
5:51 am
francisco health service system is working with blue shield of california, to improve efficiency and cut costs. it will launch on july 1st continuing for one year. eight hospitals are included. >> mark: new zealand declared the effort to find anyone else alive in the rumble of the massive earthquake over today. say, no one who was trapped could survive this long. families of more the 250 people missing after the quake devastated them back on their your 22nd. many were holding out hope their remarkable survival story could emerge. the search is over. many of those listed as missing are believed to be among the 160 bodies recovered. >> darya: will be back with more in just a couple of minutes. a live look at space, the discovery what it is up to. this is a live shot from nasa. we are
5:52 am
talking about the astronauts in their work to date. then they will get a chance to take a break this afternoon we'.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
>> darya: and loved the character traffic in san jose, but directions like it. --a live look at san jose both directions but good. not a bad day one of those transition days where we had some sense, showers that is the deal today. middle-of-the-road for temperatures tomorrow we have clouds, but no rain. saturday same thing. pretty good days. the rain rosa and on sunday over night all day sunday that is the movie day. the chance flanders into the beginning of the week by look at how the
5:56 am
temperatures and the sun comes up. >> mark: dogs are now allowed in areas where food is served to. i am sorry, that is not allowed. if food is served they're not allowed. i guess i was behaving badly. you cannot bring your dog if there is food served, but >> stanley: the attack on the floor of the supermarket and the castro district. the cat has been there the entire time i've been shooting. will the honor search the internet in a sushi bar. this is a dog on a leash in his honor in the same safeway. are the dogs this around the food. this is another dog same safeway with his honor walking around the market without a care in the world. i am beginning to think i am in an alternate in universe where dogs are allowed in
5:57 am
places that sell food. this san francisco, it's a violation of the health code for pets to be inside a place that sells food. unless the service animal. if you've never seen one of these signs, this one is dated circa 1977, this one's 2010, the point i'm making is this is an old law. no one knows this better than the san bridge keen.said rich ke customer shut up with the dog he was issued a warning. this woman is taking her dogged by the starbucks here is the dog in her lap. i know some stores are friendly but they do not belong where food is
5:58 am
incidents as good, stanley roberts calmer kron4 news. >> mark: what did they give them full body hair nets? >> darya: what would you do at that time? >> mark: ok at liberty light of places but it's hard.
5:59 am


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